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Landscape Photographer – Sam Burns

Those of you who follow us will know that apart from our passion for wedding and portrait photography, we also have a strong passion for landscape and travel photography.

Most landscape photographers take the literal approach and seek to explore and capture a scene in the most amazing light. Often this light is very fleeting, here one minute and gone another, and this vision and approach requires patience and speed. This is typically our approach to landscape photography…

Then you have a different breed of photographers who approach landscapes from a far more creative and abstract perspective. One such photographer is Sam Burns. Sam’s work is really unique and exquisite. He takes a very minimalist approach to landscape photography, and his approach definitely requires patience… a LOT of patience… up to 8 hours of patience!

Sam takes his landscape images using large-format cameras that require extrememly long exposures. Sometimes as long as 8 hours! What that results in is these beautiful ethereal landscape images with amazing colours, tones and hues.

Here’s a couple of examples of Sam’s work below. But really go to his site for his full portfolio and the complete story on how he achieves these amazing images.



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